OROWET technology

Our technology is collectively known as OROWET which encompasses a unique blend of proprietary ingredients with a wide array of concentration-dependent applications. .

Mission Statement

ORO AGRI develops, manufactures and distributes patented products for various agricultural, home and industrial applications on an international basis that are in the organic or environmentally friendly categories. Our mission is to assist our customers in reducing operating costs and increasing their production and to add shareholder value through operational excellence, patented product innovations and dynamic marketing.

Company and management overview

ORO AGRI was established in 2001 (originally under the name Citrus Oil Products) and was founded as a US company with CEO and President Erroll Pullen and the current CFO Jim Sullivan. At present the company is operating in seven main regions with in-country general managers: Donovan Pullen (USA, Canada and Mexico); Javier Gonzales (Central America); Luis Cavalcante (South America); Carol Pullen (Europe including North Africa and the Middle East); Johan Coetzee (South- and Sub-Saharan Africa); Michael Chan (China, India and Southeast Asia). The Manager Technical Services, Danny Sapsford takes care of R&D and product development and trials. ORO AGRI legal and intellectual property matters are overseen for the group by Manager Intellectual Property and Legal, Dr. Madelein Kleyn.