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This product is a wetting agent that can be used with insecticides, miticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and nutrients.

Labels: Germany BACK 5L | Germany FRONT 5L | Germany 1L | Turkey 1L

Brochures: Product Guide | Improving Spreading with WETCIT

Available in Czech Republic, Austria, Netherlands and UK

Also known as LIMOCIDE
Orange oil based BIOPESTICIDE registered as fungicide AND insecticide all-in-one product. Suited for IPM and sustainable practices because it is biodegradeable, bee and predator friendly.

Certified for organic farming in Europe See our certification listing

Labels: France PREV-AM | France LIMOCIDE | Belgium PREV-AM front | Belgium PREV-AM back

Brochures: PREV-AM Guide | PREV-AM BIOPESTICIDE banner | Under the Microscope PRESENTATION with mealybug, whitefly, mite, scale, aphid & pysllid

This product recieved a Golden Sival d’Or award in 2010 in France Read about our Gold Award

Available in France, Belgium, Tunisia and Egypt. LIMOCIDE in France and Morocco

Also known as BORIGAN
Boron is an essential micronutrient for plant growth and development. This product is a foliar applied 2.1% Boron fertilizer with sufactant package ensuring excellent wetting and spreading properties.

Labels: Germany BACK | Germany FRONT | France BACK | Belgium

Brochures: Technical document

Available in Portugal, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Scandanavia, Slovakia, Switzerland & Turkey. BORIGAN in Spain.

A liquid magnesium foliar fertilizer combined with a surfactant package to ensure optimum absorption of macronutrient by leaves. Foliar applied 5.25% Magnesium Oxide fertilizer with sufactant package ensuring excellent wetting and spreading properties.

Label: Portugal

Available in Portugal and Belgium

Also known as ORIZONE or ORO METZ
This product is a foliar applied 2.3% Zn +1.1 Mn fertilizer with sufactant package for excellent wetting and spreading properties and ensuring easy absorption through leaves.

Label: Portugal

Brochures: Advert for ORIZONE by Nufarm | Advert SNN ORIZONE Nufarm

Available in Portugal. ORIZONE in Spain

Also known as ORO UMID
This product is a soil wetting aid formulated to improve penetration, distribution and drainage of water. 
TRANSFORMER™ es formulado para mejorar la salud y estructura de suelo. 

Labels: Spain BACK | Spain FRONT | Portugal | Netherlands

Brochures: Nufarm Brochure | FAQ English | FAQ Portuguese | FAQ Spanish | Info Sheet

Available in Spain, Netherlands and Portugal

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